Basement Crack Repair

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Being basement crack repair specialists, we have noticed that here in the Pacific Northwest, there are many homes with old basements that have done a great job keeping water out of your living space. However, after time, homes settle, water erodes and other various factors create cracks in your basements and over time, water starts coming through those cracks.

So, what is the process to get your Seattle area basement crack fixed? Easy:

    1. Give us a call, or better yet fill out the form on our website letting us know you have a basement crack you would like fixed or taken a look at.
    2. We will call you back and arrange a time that one of our service techs can come out and inspect your crack.
    3. They will provide you with a free estimate.
    4. If you like what you see, we will schedule a time for a tech to come out and fix the crack.
    5. After final payment has been collected, we send you out your warranty information.

Do your research. Find a contractor that KNOWS basement cracks and has had a lot of experience. Keeping your basement dry with a sump pump is great, but that does not FIX the issue. It only addresses the issue. Filling basemen cracks can be challenging as you are not able to see what is going on behind the wall. Our crack filling experts have seen and done it all. We are the right choice.

Top 9 Reasons to Get Your Basement Crack Repaired

Here are some great reasons to get your basement repaired by a crack specialist: 

  1. Prevent water damage: Basement cracks can allow water to seep into your home, causing damage to floors, walls, and personal belongings.

  2. Avoid mold growth: Moisture from water seeping through basement cracks can promote the growth of mold, which can cause health problems and damage to your home.

  3. Protect your foundation: Basement cracks can weaken the foundation of your home, which can lead to more serious structural problems over time.

  4. Improve air quality: If moisture is allowed to seep into your basement, it can create a damp environment that can negatively impact the air quality in your home.

  5. Increase home value: Repairing basement cracks can increase the value of your home, as it demonstrates to potential buyers that the home has been well-maintained.

  6. Save on energy costs: Basement cracks can allow cold air to enter your home, making it harder to maintain a consistent temperature and increasing your energy bills.

  7. Reduce pests: Moisture from basement cracks can attract pests such as termites, rodents, and insects, which can cause damage to your home and pose health risks.

  8. Create a safer environment: Basement cracks can create tripping hazards and make it more difficult to navigate your basement safely.

  9. Peace of mind: Repairing basement cracks can give you peace of mind knowing that your home is safe, structurally sound, and protected from water damage.

At the end of the day, getting your basement crack repaired will give you the peace of mind knowing your home is secure and your family will remain healthily and dry.

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Here are some basement crack repair FAQ’s and answers:

  • When should I have my basement crack inspected?
    • We suggest yearly, but absolutely when your basement starts getting wet.  
  • How do you fix the basement concrete crack?
  • Can you fix cracks from the outside of the wall?
  • How can you tell if your basement crack can be repaired or not?
  • Water is coming into my basement, is it a crack?
  • How big can the basement crack be before it cannot be filled?
  • What are the steps to get your basement crack repaired?

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