Sump Pump Installation/Repair

In the Seattle area, many homes require a sump pump to move standing water out and away from the home. What are sump pumps? Sump pumps are typically electric water pumps that are installed in a low spot under your home. If water gets below your home, the sump pump which is typcially installed at a low spot under your home, starts pumping the water out from under the home to either a storm drain or other drainage system.

Having a scheduled sump pump maintence plan put in place is always a good idea. Our plan will:

  1. Check your pump for damage or failing parts
  2. Inspect your sump collection area (where water flows to your pump)
  3. Inspect your sump pump drainage system for clogs, breaks or leaks
  4. Perform a detailed crawlspace/basement inspection

Whether you are in Seattle, Bellevue, Issaquah or anywhere in between, we suggest getting your sump pump looked at least every 5 years or so, to ensure it is working correctly and not leaving standing water under your home. Often times, home owners completely forget about their sump pump water accumulates under the home bringing, spiders, pests, mildew, mold and terrible odors in the home.

Schedule a free sump pump system inspection today. Contact us via our contact for or give us a call.

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