Crawl Space Maintenance

Northwest drainage - Standing water in crawlspace repair and fix

Regularly inspecting and cleaning your crawlspace is critically important when it comes to the health of your home. A truer statement has never been said: The health of your home starts in the crawlspace.


Our Pacific Northwest Crawlspace Services

  • Cleanouts
  • Insulation Installs
  • Duct Sealing
  • Mold Remediation
  • Water Remediation
  • Crawlspace Encapsulation
  • Rodent Removal
  • Real Estate Agent Services

How to Tell if You Have an Issue in Your Northwest Crawlspace?

So, how can you tell if there is an drainage, insulation, plumbing or rodent issue in your crawlspace?

We suggest having a crawlspace professional go into the crawl and perform an assessment of your crawlspace health. Our crawlspace pro’s know exactly what to look for. They are in and out of crawlspaces many times a day and are super efficient at identifying issues in the crawl.

The second best way is to head into the crawlspace and check it out yourself. Here in the Seattle area, crawlspace access points will be either in the house, typically in a closet or outside, located on the side of the home.

What do you look for while you are down in your crawlspace? How can you tell if there is an issue?

Without going into your crawlspace, here are some signs that your Northwest crawlspace might be having some issues:

  1. Crawlspace Issue #1: Unpleasant odor. When water gets into your crawlspace, you can get mildew, rodent activity and wood rot. All of these issues can set off a smell that is not healthy for your family to be breathing.
  2. Crawlspace Issue #2: Cold floors. Here in the Pacific Northwest, it doesn’t get extremely cold, but if your insulation has fallen down, been mangled by rodents, or is just very old, your floors will seem a bit chilly in the winter months. This is because it is not getting insulated properly.
  3. Crawlspace Issue #3: Higher energy bills. If your insulation has been compromised, your monthly energy bills will increase. We had a home in Tacoma that ALL of their insulation had fallen down and their heating bills were notably lower once we fixed the issue.

Our crawl space service ensures that your family’s home is safe and healthy. Standing water brings rodents, spiders and disease and can have a negative impact on your homes health.

Standing water can weaken foundation footings that hold your floor up. We have seen many homes where the footing is so loose, you could push it over. Don’t let this happen. Have an inspection at least once every few years to ensure the health of your crawlspace.

Below are some possible signs of crawlspace issues here in the Northwest:

Water in the crawlspace. If there is any water in your crawlspace, that’s a problem. On top of the vapor barrier or under it, water in the crawl is a sign of issues.

Other signs of water intrusion. While in the crawlspace water rings on vapor barrier and floor posts, etc.)  

Dirt movement. Looking for piles of dirt or Newley piled up dirt can be a sign of possible rodent infestation. Also, look to the corners of your crawlspace as this is where ants and other insects will create strongholds. 

Insulation abnormalities. Falling insulation or rodent burrowing is a sign of permitter issues that should be addressed immediately. Crawlspace insulation can fall over time, as it ages.

Sump pump inspection. Is your sump pump working properly? Is the system clean of obstructions? Do you have a batter backup incase the power goes out? All crawlspace drainage systems should be maintained yearly to ensure they function properly when they are needed.

Proper ventilation. Crawlspaces need to vent. Inspecting the crawl for vents that are properly covered and protected is super important. 

Disconnect vents. We often find heating and venting ducts that are not properly sealed. Reconnecting these heating and ducting vents can instantly start saving you money on your monthly heating bills.

Leaky pipes. Performing a visual inspection of the pipes under the house. Getting a head of an issue can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Water pipe insulation. So man times we find water pipes that are not properly insulated. Even though it doesn’t get too cold here in the Pacific Northwest, it does freeze. Getting those waterpipes wrapped properly gives you and your family peace of mind knowing you are not going to wake up to water all over your home.