Question: What is the process to get drainage work done in the Pacific Northwest.

Answer: Typically, a home or business owner emails or phones in a request about a drainage related issue. We then call back the customer, ask some qualifying questions to ensure we cannot fix their issue over the phone. If we cannot, then we schedule a visit from one of our tech estimators who will sleuth out the drainage issue, take some measurements and identify the issue.

Then, they will typically leave and write up a detailed proposal and send it back to the customer via email. This can take up to 48 hours.

The client then reviews the proposal, asks the tech any questions and if they agree to the work we suggest, we then schedule our crews to come out and perform the work. Typically, we take some sort of small deposit at this time, to ensure the clients place in line. 

We come onsite, perform the work and get customer sign off. We leave and then we ask the client to provide an honest review on Google or Yelp. 

After that, we suggest the client has their system maintained one a year or more depending on their situation. Some clients have difficult iron ore issues, where the drainage systems need to be cleaned multiple times a year. This of course is an extreme case, but it does occur here in the Seattle area.

Question: Does Northwest Drainage perform the actual drainage system installations?

Answer: No. We mainly project manage the client visits, most of our drainage work is completed by a local drainage company with over 30 years experience lead by an operator called “The Drainage Yoda”. We have worked with them for many years and love the work they do for clients. All work is warrantied.