Wet crawl space, now what?

Northwest drainage - Standing water in crawlspace repair and fix

It rains a lot in the Pacific Northwest. Often times home and business owners find water in their crawl space. 

There are many ways we can dry out a crawl space, but first we must understand how water got into the crawl space in the first place.

Our Wet Crawl Space Suggestion

We highly suggest inviting a drainage expert into your home to inspect your home or business. Their expertise is invaluable when determining root cause of your water issues.

Wet Crawl Space: Do It Yourself

Getting a pro out to your home or business is a smart move. However, if you want to move forward yourself, here are some things to think about and look for when addressing your wet crawl space:

  1. Water can only come in via three different avenues: From Above, from below and through the sides. That’s it.
  2. If there is currently water in your crawl space check to see if there are any signs of water rings (light colored lines on the footings, posts or liners. This might show how large of an issue you might have.
  3. Check your gutters and downspouts. Here in the Seattle area, we have lots of trees. Lots of trees means lots of leaves and pine needles. This debris can clog your gutters and allow water to discharge right next to the house, which will bring water into the crawl space.

Give us a call or shoot us a note via the website and we can get one of our techs out to your Northwest home and provide you an estimate. 

If there is water in your crawlspace, you might need a sump pump or a gravity drainage system. 

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